Grow your business.
Split the risk.

We guarantee your transactions safety while preserving a flawless user experience for your customers.

The fraud issue

Bank fraud costs about 7.2 billion euros a year worldwide (About 250 Million per year in France), and 3DSecure causes up to 10 billion euros in lost turnover every year.

Defining the right balance between security and risk isn't easy.

With Enygma, you can reduce the failure risks due to 3DSecure
and make your turnover go up by 10 to 20%

Doughnut graph showing the proportion of potential turnover augmentation

How we defeat fraud

Score each transaction

Analysis of all previous transactions permits us to define user behaviours that can be fraudulent.
We use that data to score real time transactions to protect your business.

Chose your safety measures

Chose to activate or not 3DS or higher security.

Improve the system

Enrich the predictive server and improve the results with Machine Learning.
Each new transaction is a new brick that reinforces the system.

Protect your business with AI

Enygma uses AI and analysis of historical data allowing it to define which transactions can be valid or fraudulent. Then, the analysis of real-time transactions adds new data to the model and improves its efficiency.

Illustration of protected data

Stay in control

With Enygma, you'll have better control over your transactions and a quieter view of your business. Enygma is a tool that will accompany you on a daily basis.

Image illustration report

How does Enygma work ?

Credit Card Payment


Input your transaction information

AI Analysis


The data is analyzed by Enygma's AI, which returns with a score

Your business is safe


You chose the adequate safety measures